Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Help Momma Kathy Get Her Smile Back!

My dear, sweet momma Kathy has lost her smile. She has been the recipient of 5 crowns over the last eight years - each of which have been dealt a fate full of cracks, gaps and/or complete failure, leaving her with pearly whites that just don't bite. She can no longer look an apple in the eye (not to mention Big Hunks and numerous Del Taco menu items.) :(

When her latest crown started wiggling out of place, she thought she knew the routine: remove the crappy crown and replace it right? Wrong.

On her last trip to the dentist, she came to find out that the root of this tooth was fractured meaning that an implant plus a new crown are needed in order to avoid a missing tooth. Yowch! I've already said a mouthful.

I would gladly fork over the dough to pay for her new chompers, but it turns out oral surgery is NOT CHEAP ($2,500.00 for one tooth!) With no insurance, and a fixed income, she is left having to bite the bullet (MediCare does not cover dental!)

I am putting together this donation page for anyone who can "chip" in to help my momma get her smile back.

Any donations will be re-payed with a grateful, toothy grin from momma Kathy.

Click the link below if you have the means and the where with all.