Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Watership Down

I have been without internet access at home for over FOUR days now so I've been driving all over town to coffee shops to work, and even (gasp!) going in to the office. Since getting connected and getting to work has become such an ordeal this week, I've scarcely had time to glance at the interwebs outside of work-related junk. So tonight I am sitting in one of the many coffee drinkeries near my house morphing into one of the lame-o's who bring laptops to these places to sit and look at online horoscopes, tumblr, and other extremely important things. I can't describe the tension release I felt moments ago as I got my fix. It was as if I had just taken a ride down a magical rainbow and landed on an eight-foot high pile of feather beds when I was able to search for Sriracha articles just now. Aaaaah...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things and Stuff

It's the first Saturday in months where I haven't had (or felt like I had) one billion things to do, and boy does it feel GOOD! So far today, I've eaten eggs and bacon, finished off the champagne from last night, watched Airplane!, and sat on the interwebs for nearly two hours.

I recently acquired a large number of sweet VHS tapes from ye olde DI, including a copy of Annie Hall, which I watched while eating beef stroganoff the other night. This in turn lead to me becoming mildly obsessed/fascinated with the cuteness Dianne Keaton as Annie Hall. I mean, honestly, is there anything more adorable in this world?

I would be lucky to possess an ounce of the charm and darlingness she has. Lucky for me, there is something that I can obtain that would be a good consolation. I would love to acquire a replica or something damn near identical to the super dope tote that she sports throughout the entire movie. Need it.

Another obtainable obsession of mine is the desire to make a granny square afghan. I was inspired after watching an episode of this cute show.

Isn't it divine? Can't wait to start on it!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Beatin the Heat

As miserable as the heat can be, it has brought many amazing things into my life over the past few weeks including being offered an exciting new position within the company I work for, finding a HOUSE to rent and feeling more and more in love with the man in my life every day. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him

Aaah... that feels better.

Salutations from the Sauna

It's July. I live in a loft. It's fucking hot up here. The heat has hindered my ability to move, let alone work, much less have a chance to edit the photos from my fabulous trip to Mill Valley CA, which I can't wait to do. But no, my computer has to heat up to 150 degrees every 20 minutes and I have to shut her down and wait for the cool off.

Mill Valley is paradise. I hope to live there and make babies someday. The trip was complete with the best road trip game I have ever played, an amazing brunch with the bestest friends, the World Cup final game, a beach unlike any I had ever been to, bunker diving, blankets on the lawn, rock hunting. Oh I could go on and on... 

Since I can't edit my photos yet, I'm going to place a photo tribute here to all of my favorite things that you can only get in California... 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Lagunitas IPA

The nectar of the gods, this is hands down my favorite IPA of all times. We drank several of these on the trip (thank you James!!)

Trader Joe's Blue Cheese and Pecan dip (droooool)

Need I say more? Oh god this stuff is out of this world! I really think I could eat an entire tub in one bite if no one was looking.

Peet's iced latte (with foam of course!)

There's just something about waltzing into a Peet's coffee house and getting one of their signature coffee drinks. My favorite is their iced latte, complete with foam. (droool)

Annie's Shells & Cheddar

Ok, I know that all I have to do is walk to Smith's Marketplace to get this, but I tried it for the first time on this trip, and it was the best mac and chee evs!

Mill Valley Beerworks

Saving the best for last, I would like to share a word to the wise: If you are ever in the Marin area, do yourself a favor and stop in at Mill Valley Beerworks. The atmosphere, service, food and the BEER were out of this world. Just take a look at their menu, and you'll see that this place makes that douche nozzle of a joint "the Bayou" look like, well, even more like a total douche nozzle.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh iPod, How I Miss Thee...

My friend always says my desk looks more like a page out of a Where's Waldo book. Today I stumbled on this picture of my beloved missing iPod. Can you find her in this colorful mess? Sigh...

I believe I left her on the charger in the uppity SF hotel room I stayed in a few months back. Boo hoo hoo!
If found, I will give you hugs and kisses for at least 15 minutes.

This Week's Playlist...

is brought to you by MJ and the Jam

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hell Freezes Over

Once apon a time I was the day manager for ye olde Video Verns. I had the sweetest routine for my daily video store tasks, which were always accompanied by Nightmare Before Christmas, Waiting for Guffman, and Alice in Wonderland typically in that order. The entire morning up would be spent in solitude rewinding tapes, re-shelving tapes, popping / eating popcorn, and the occasional visit from my buddy Dave from next door while singing along to Red White and Blane over a slice of pizza from Little Caesars.

This was my routine every day except for Tuesdays. On Tuesday the bookkeeping lady (Kathy?) came in and because "Kathy" had "seniority" over me, she got to pick what we would watch that day. EVERY F@$*^(#iNG TIME she would select this pile of s#!% to watch on repeat until she was done with her shift:

So as I sit here at the coffee shop down the street from my house, listening to the poop bucket selection of songs they have playing over the intercom (including hits such as that "heroes have the right to dream" song and an acoustic version of  "ironic") I find I have reached a definitive turning point in my life. Not only did I post an Eagles video in my last blog entry, but when the Eagles "Lyin' Eyes" came on just now, I was totally digging it.

If 19-year-old me could see me now she would slap the shit out of me.

Ok, now they're playing an acoustic Natalie Merchant song - as if that's necessary.  I'm out of here.