Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm still mulling over the endless possibilities for the looming guitar strap pattern that will be used to adorn my half and half Jimi Hendrix guitar, but in the meantime I managed to finish my first pair of beaded earrings. Behold!
Look closely. Can you see the eagles in flight? If not, then sit through this...

A Tribute to Scrim and Scram

Yesterday I nearly lost my little Scrimp to a speeding truck outside the house. I won't go into the details, but a few inches difference and I might have wound up without her sleeping next to me on the balcony right now. I was so shaken, and still am at the moment. We also had a scare with Sam a few months back when he went missing for a day. Both experiences were emotionally jarring and brought major focus to how important these guys are to me. We are so lucky as humans to be graced with the presence of such soft, fluffy, loving little creatures who keep us company, and give us licks and loves without judgment or criticism (well, not from Sam at least.)

Here's to my kitties, and all the other pets on the planet.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Otter Pops or Nothin'

I have to take a moment to give props to the Jel Sert Company based out of Chicago IL. Not only did they buy the rights to Otter Pops in 1996, but they managed to keep the flavor, consistency and all the same awesome pop characters such as Louie-Bloo Raspberry, Little Orphan Orange and my favorite: Strawberry Short Kook.

I usually shop at Smith's due to it's close proximity to my house (would anyone shop there otherwise?) After raiding the freezer section of the three Smith's in my area, I was saddened to find that Otter Pops had been replaced by the shitty generic Icee Pops which I have been reluctantly choking down all summer long...

But yesterday I drove to a far away land called A Fresh market and the first thing I saw when I entered their hallowed sliding doors was a display case of boxes upon boxes of Otter Pops stacked higher than my head.

A little jaunt over to Wikipedia and I find that during the 2000s, Jel Sert modified the recipe for Otter Pops by adding more fruit juice. It is now relatively healthy compared to other sweet snacks; each one ounce serving has only three grams of sugar and fifteen calories. So I can eat these all day and not think twice about it. In your face Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs!!!

Summertime is here!

I totally just spent the last hour writing an apologetic yet witty post about how the longest winter in recent memory had drained any excess (ie blogging) energy and how I am coming out of it now. This was followed by a mildly amusing chunk about how I'm going to work on making a guitar strap with my new bead loom

Somehow this all vanished moments ago as I was about to close with a picture of the delicious meal my sweet bf cooked tonight.


While you're here, you might as well enjoy the latest joke from the Payne twins!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

I Wish I Had A Pot

My wish is granted.. i don't feel as affectionate about it as Fabian.