Monday, June 21, 2010

Otter Pops or Nothin'

I have to take a moment to give props to the Jel Sert Company based out of Chicago IL. Not only did they buy the rights to Otter Pops in 1996, but they managed to keep the flavor, consistency and all the same awesome pop characters such as Louie-Bloo Raspberry, Little Orphan Orange and my favorite: Strawberry Short Kook.

I usually shop at Smith's due to it's close proximity to my house (would anyone shop there otherwise?) After raiding the freezer section of the three Smith's in my area, I was saddened to find that Otter Pops had been replaced by the shitty generic Icee Pops which I have been reluctantly choking down all summer long...

But yesterday I drove to a far away land called A Fresh market and the first thing I saw when I entered their hallowed sliding doors was a display case of boxes upon boxes of Otter Pops stacked higher than my head.

A little jaunt over to Wikipedia and I find that during the 2000s, Jel Sert modified the recipe for Otter Pops by adding more fruit juice. It is now relatively healthy compared to other sweet snacks; each one ounce serving has only three grams of sugar and fifteen calories. So I can eat these all day and not think twice about it. In your face Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs!!!

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  1. all that's left is for them to bring back the awesome wrappers featuring each individual otter. god bless otter pops!!