Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our Lady of Arty Farty

In my 3D class we have what my professor calls "the every day assignment" where we bring in an "every day" sort of object, do something to change it and take a picture every day. I chose my lovely Guadalupe candle. So far she has been Sharpied, Exacto'd and collaged. I think I will paint her next, and take a hammer to the candle at some point.

We will be making an animation from the photos at the end of the semester, but I just had to test it out. Here is where she is at today...

make avatar

There was a really cool synchronicity that I experienced tonight. The day I cut Guadalupe's body out of the halo glimmer shield that surrounds her (seen in the 3rd slide in the gif above) there was this dude in the metal shop diligently painting some chunks of wood, some of which reminded me of Guadalupe's glimmering halo.

Tonight, when I entered the metal shop again, I saw this:

Isn't that Ca-RAZY?!?
Kindred spirits man. 

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