Thursday, April 5, 2012

Delicate Arch Hijinx

Our friend (and best man) James came to visit this week. We had a lovely time cooking, drinking some delicious IPAs and Dickel, eating rocky mountain oysters, and star gazing.We took James to Delicate Arch and the skies were filled with overcast white, which made for some surreal shots that day.


Is this the arch?

When we arrived at Delicate Arch, it was real crowded (as is normally the case) so we decided to hike further over to view the arch from the south side. You typically see shots taken from the North as shown above, with the La Sal's in the distance. 

Can you find James?

No sun = no shadows = looks fake

Delicate Arch from the side

Can you find James?

Best Buds


  1. wow. looks fun.

    it doesn't seem very hot though but the views are breath-taking really.

    : )

    1. Hi Erwin,

      It was not very hot that day. Spring and Fall are the ideal times to be in Moab. July, on the other hand... ~~!!HOT!!~~