Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mix Tape Mania

I plan to make several gifts for people this X-mas, but the most labor-intensive project will be the mix CDs being produced. They have to be perfect, flow like a river to the setting sun, with no filler or fluff or poppycock. Here is what I have in mind:

Mini-Tramp Memories II

Mini-Tramp Memories I was mostly comprised of songs which remind me of Mom - with an emphasis on tunes that conjure memories of her jogging and singing along on her mini-tramp at Park Crest Court. So far, I know that there has to be:

1. Genesis Invisible Touch (the ULTIMATE mini-tramp tune which was inadvertently left off v1!!!) and this one which conjures memories of watching Days of Our Lives after school and crushing on Wally Kurth (Justin):

Kaela's First Mix EVER

I have made several mix cds for Connor and Braden, all of which were well-received. Why did I never make  a CD for my little darling niece? Bad Aunt Sara!!! I am planning one for my little lady and it's got to be straight mind blowing. Track listing so far:

Smokey Robinson
Rod Stewart
Led Zeppelin
The Breeders
Patsy Cline
Harry Belafonte
Hall & Oates

Christmas Mix Extraordinaire

This one is for everyone I love. This will be the Christmas card I will include with every gift I give this year. I don't dare post the track listing out here because that would spoil the surprise and that's no fun. Let's just say there will be some amazing stuff that will warm everyone's heart I hope.

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  1. Add to that B-52s, Pavement, Dinosaur JR, and of course, T-Rex!!