Tuesday, February 7, 2012

February Photo A Day Challenge: the first six days

Day 6: Dinner. Warm goodies on a cold night: Thai curry with peas, rice, a tortilla, and lots of Sriracha of course.
Day 5: 10am. Grandma's quilt made with swatches taken from 50 pairs of polyester pants (or at least that's where I like to imagine the fabric coming from.)
Day 4: A Stranger. I thought this one was rather creepy until I spotted the harp player at the Grand America that afternoon. I was there to celebrate my sister-in-law's B-day. 
Day 3: Hands. Creepy doll pile found at the Sandy Deseret Industries.
Day 2: Words. Went down to Sandy Beach to write love letters to the universe.
Day 1: Your View Today. It was a gloomy day out here in CV, but the view is always lovely.
Day 1: Your View Today. Decided to post two of these since the view inside was toasty warm. PS - that's the ultimate potato soup turned vegan cooking in the dutch oven on the stove.

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