Sunday, February 26, 2012

My First KZMU Playlist!

I hosted my first KZMU show on Friday, and boy was it exciting! Patrick came along and helped out. We were real nervous, but we got through it, and managed to play lots of good vinyl. The studio recently acquired a 2nd turntable so that they can have all-vinyl shows which I am hoping to do some day. However, the 2nd turntable was not hooked up yet on Friday, so we had to improvise here and there. Here is our playlist:

Lindsey Buckingham - Someone's Gotta Change
The Egyptian Lover - I Cry (night after night)
Head East - Never Been Any Reason
CCR - Bayou
Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs - Stay
Nick Lowe - (I love) The Sound of Breaking Glass
Nunzio Fattini - Cousin
Spacemen 3 - I Love You
Paul Newman - Cool Hand Luke - Plastic Jesus
ELO - One Summer Dream
F.R. David - Music
Celebration - Holiday
Sebastien Tellier - Roche
Astrology Report
Bjork - Charlene
Riz Ortolani - Oh My Love
The Chromatics - Tick of the Clock
Thompson Twins - If You Were Here
The Cars - You Are the Girl
Robert Palmer - Johnny and Mary
Melanie -
Harry Nilsson - Jump Into the Fire

We had such a great time and can't wait to do it again! You can catch our next show on Friday, March 9. I'll post more info about it here.

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