Friday, March 9, 2012

My 2nd KZMU Playlist :D

I had my 2nd show on KZMU today, and it was a great success if I do say so myself...

Otis Redding - Love Man
Roy Orbison - Workin for the Man
Helen Banks - Hazy Day
Brian Eno - St. Elmos Fire
Morrissey - Suedehead
Dum Dum Girls - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
Billy Joel - Vienna
Why? - Darla (whoops, there was an F bomb thrown in there. Shh, don't tell!)
John Prine - Dear Abbey
Dwight Twilley - Sincerely
De Barge - I like It
Carlo - Ghost Man
Nick Lowe - So It Goes
Big Brother and the Holding Company - Easy Rider
Ray Charles - Night and Day
George Harrison - Isn't It A Pitty
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

*~*~*Astrology Report *~*~*

Pretenders - Don't Get Me Wrong
Grateful Dead - Til the Morning Comes
The Princess + The Warrior Soundtrack (f'k up - played this instead of the turntable, but it worked out)
Husky Rescue - Sweet Little Kitten
Will Oldham - (Some song whose name I can't remember)
Them - Would You, Could You
Graham Nash - I Used to Be A King
Gerry Rafferty - Right Down the Line
Led Zeppelin - Goin to California
Townes Van Zandt - Poncho and Lefty
Moody Blues - Go Now

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