Friday, March 9, 2012

Leapin Lizards!!

Spring has arrived here in Castle Valley and we have finally started to let the cats out during the day. This has been great for the most part except that it turns out Sabrina is quite the hunter. For those of you who've never had a cat, let me explain something. When cats kill things like mice (yay) or birds (boo) they like to bring them back to you as a gift or an offering of some sort. There are several theories as to why they do this, my favorite being they are trying to teach us how to hunt. (Aw how sweet!)

I used to find these giant Silence-of-the-Lambs-sized moths and the occasional Katydid in my old apartment. There was also the time when Prince brought in a half-alive baby bird which I had to put out of it's misery (traumatizing.)

However, Sabrina has taken this to a whole new level of gross.

It started when we woke to find a few tail-less, motionless baby lizards on the porch (poor things.) Then we found one in the living room a few mornings later. Soon, this progressed to the day I went outside to find two dead lizards and Sabrina laying next to them with a lizard-arm hanging from her lip. EEEW!!

But it doesn't stop there. In the last week I have found two live lizards in the house with their tails chewed off (don’t worry, they grow back right?) Yesterday she killed one that was probably 5-6 inches long. Sabrina is a little gal so this lizard was almost half her body length. Haha! The latest in the lizard killing spree was just this morning when she brought another 5-6 inch lizard into the house... alive. I was screaming and jumping on the futon quicker than you can say "LEAPIN LIZARDS!"

Next thing you know she will be killing iguanas or something. Or she would if there were any here to kill. I hope she’s not effecting the ecosystem of this place too much. Man!

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