Monday, September 7, 2009

Arty Farty

Just got back from a private screening of Little Ashes with my darling mother at the Tower and I am feeling inspired to start doin' art. Don't get me wrong, I don't imagine myself to be as creative - or crazy - as Salvador Dali, but even watching R.P. (my mom's name for Robert Pattinson) doing a not-half-bad portrayal of Dali made me cry tears of nostalgia and want to start at it again.

Baby steps I plan to take:
a. Complete my registration at the U
b. Get a sketch book and DRAW
c. Find out how to get Pell Grants
d. Read and actually go through with the Artist's Way (this seems more doable lately as I have been more successful at my life-long goal of becoming a morning person)
e. Post some of my stuff here for fun

Other things to do in general:
-laundry (belch)
-find dresser to store clean clothes
-spruce up the entry hall to my apartment with a nice plant and maybe a garden gnome to greet peeps when they come to visit
-get over the anger and resentment I am harboring towards my neighbors (more on that later)
-make time for reading
-print out and hang ceiling_cat somewhere in my house (Thanks Ruby!)

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