Saturday, September 19, 2009

News Flash: Painting (as in walls and base boards) is a PAIN IN THE ASS!!

I don't own this place but felt compelled to paint my apartment in order to keep my mind off some  insurmountable things. If my camera was working I would be able to do some "before and after" photos to show and reflect back on later. That might have helped make it all seem worth while. But no, my digi is broken, and I cannot document this with photos. Aaah... salt in the wounds.

As for now, I am knee deep in base boards, spackle, blue masking tape and semi-gloss with no end in sight. Why am I doing this again? Maybe it's the fact that these walls are filthy and need a fresh coat like Kanye needs a muzzle. This place will look lots better when this is all done. Keep. Telling. Myself. That.

When I buy a camera for my birthday, I will upload the 'after'. This shit had better be done by then...

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