Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back In Action

Hello friends - I have to believe that once in a while people are checking back here to see what I wrote - even if it has been months. I'm back on the interwabs and there is a lot of catching up to be had.

In the last five months I attended and graduated from Bikram Yoga Teacher Training - Fall 2012 Class, Became a certified Bikram Yoga instructor, met a handsome, intelligent, funny fellow yogi who also happened to be my soul mate, flew to Vegas, sealed the deal, moved back to the Salt Lake Valley, changed my name to "Lockett", taught three Bikram classes, and then moved to Manchester, UK to be with my husband. And we lived happily ever after...

...and now the real story begins.

I have intentionally abstained from blogging for the past five months due in part to the fact that I wanted to disconnect from the world of electronics as much as possible during my experience. For those of you who know me, instagram had gone from my favorite past time, to my daily obsession. Half of the reason I drove from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles via Moab was so that I could capture and share the sights on IG. On the night before I arrived in LA, I dropped my phone - in it's case - on a soft pine wood deck and the screen cracked in to a billion pieces. I was mortified, but I immediately knew that the universe was telling me "You're embarking on the soul journey of your life. Put your fracking phone down!!!"

Once I arrived at Teacher Training, the breaks I had were short and sweet, but hardly left enough time to write about the experience. Once I was home from teacher training, I was too busy studying, teaching, practicing, planning, and packing to think about writing about the experience. Once I arrived in Manchester I was too busy with Christmas, New Year (they say "New Year", not "New Years" here, which is one of the few dialect thingys that makes more sense to me than the way "we" say it over in the states) and having my body introduced to it's first trans-continental flu, I was too exhausted to write about the experience.

Then, this morning the sun came out all day. I felt inspired by where I am and what I am doing for the first time in a while, and I felt compelled to start up my blogging again. I am hoping to do more with it this time around. To share, inspire, produce, and maybe even make some dough. (gotta put it out there.)

So here it is, the kicker, the kick off. I'll leave it at that for now except to say to all my friends who haven't been here before:

Welcome to Manchester

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