Friday, July 2, 2010

Hell Freezes Over

Once apon a time I was the day manager for ye olde Video Verns. I had the sweetest routine for my daily video store tasks, which were always accompanied by Nightmare Before Christmas, Waiting for Guffman, and Alice in Wonderland typically in that order. The entire morning up would be spent in solitude rewinding tapes, re-shelving tapes, popping / eating popcorn, and the occasional visit from my buddy Dave from next door while singing along to Red White and Blane over a slice of pizza from Little Caesars.

This was my routine every day except for Tuesdays. On Tuesday the bookkeeping lady (Kathy?) came in and because "Kathy" had "seniority" over me, she got to pick what we would watch that day. EVERY F@$*^(#iNG TIME she would select this pile of s#!% to watch on repeat until she was done with her shift:

So as I sit here at the coffee shop down the street from my house, listening to the poop bucket selection of songs they have playing over the intercom (including hits such as that "heroes have the right to dream" song and an acoustic version of  "ironic") I find I have reached a definitive turning point in my life. Not only did I post an Eagles video in my last blog entry, but when the Eagles "Lyin' Eyes" came on just now, I was totally digging it.

If 19-year-old me could see me now she would slap the shit out of me.

Ok, now they're playing an acoustic Natalie Merchant song - as if that's necessary.  I'm out of here.

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