Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Watership Down

I have been without internet access at home for over FOUR days now so I've been driving all over town to coffee shops to work, and even (gasp!) going in to the office. Since getting connected and getting to work has become such an ordeal this week, I've scarcely had time to glance at the interwebs outside of work-related junk. So tonight I am sitting in one of the many coffee drinkeries near my house morphing into one of the lame-o's who bring laptops to these places to sit and look at online horoscopes, tumblr, and other extremely important things. I can't describe the tension release I felt moments ago as I got my fix. It was as if I had just taken a ride down a magical rainbow and landed on an eight-foot high pile of feather beds when I was able to search for Sriracha articles just now. Aaaaah...

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