Saturday, July 24, 2010

Things and Stuff

It's the first Saturday in months where I haven't had (or felt like I had) one billion things to do, and boy does it feel GOOD! So far today, I've eaten eggs and bacon, finished off the champagne from last night, watched Airplane!, and sat on the interwebs for nearly two hours.

I recently acquired a large number of sweet VHS tapes from ye olde DI, including a copy of Annie Hall, which I watched while eating beef stroganoff the other night. This in turn lead to me becoming mildly obsessed/fascinated with the cuteness Dianne Keaton as Annie Hall. I mean, honestly, is there anything more adorable in this world?

I would be lucky to possess an ounce of the charm and darlingness she has. Lucky for me, there is something that I can obtain that would be a good consolation. I would love to acquire a replica or something damn near identical to the super dope tote that she sports throughout the entire movie. Need it.

Another obtainable obsession of mine is the desire to make a granny square afghan. I was inspired after watching an episode of this cute show.

Isn't it divine? Can't wait to start on it!


  1. I want to hug you and this post! Hooray for Diane Keaton crushes and granny square afghans and VHS goldmines!xoxo

  2. Post script: the other night I dreamt that a replica of Annie Hall's tote was hand-delivered to me. It was lavender with purple stripes and I was ecstatic! Oh dreams, you can always give me all the things I can't really have. Thanks for that glorious millisecond of joy from getting my dream purse!